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The Appeal of Swiss Watches for Men

The Appeal of Swiss Watches for Men


Swiss watches for men have a magical appeal to many people. Everyone in the world knows that buying a Swiss watch is the nearest to a guarantee of excellence. There was even an Airline tagline that goes: “Like shopping for a Swiss watch”. Hard to make a mistake.”

The History of Watchmaking

The Swiss weren’t the first nation to make clocks small enough to carry around; the honor goes to the Germans. The first watches were created somewhere between 1509 and 1530 by Peter Henlein in Nuremberg. The Swiss watch industry started shortly afterwards, as the reformation started to change Western Europe, the French War of Religion led to widespread persecution of the Huguenots. These group of people entered Switzerland to escape persecution in France, bringing with them their clock and watchmaking skills to Geneva. This started the transformation the reputation of Geneva into a city known for its high quality matchmaking. The revolution led by John Calvin in Geneva at that time has put heavier regulation on people’s lives.

The businesses of the goldsmiths and enamellers were destroyed who in turn resorted to watchmaking. The expertise of these artisans combined with the skilled Huguenots who had knowledge and techniques to create clocks and watches. By the end of 17th Century is known for its watchmaking expertise. Not only are they renowned for quality watches but also for their beauty.

The Road to Watchmaking

While the British were leading, the way in innovation in the 18th century a lot was going on in Switzerland. A certain goldsmith named Daniel Jeanrichard was the first to apply the division of labor to the watchmaking industry. Through this method, he has increase efficiency and standardization he was able to increase production volume and quality. By end of 1790, Geneva was already exporting 60,000 watches.

There was no stopping after this as more innovations came about. Abraham-Louis Perrelet created the “perpetual” watch in 1770; this watch was the forerunner to the modern self-winding watch. Adrien Philippe, one of the founders of the well-respected brand Patek Philippe invented the pendant winding watch. Moreover, around this time the fly back hand was developed in the Jura mountains. Abraham Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon in 1795. This is one of the most recognizable quality pieces in watchmaking expertise.

Another testament to the Swiss dedication in watchmaking, the farmers and peasants would spend their winter months making watch components for firms in Geneva. Further technology was implemented for mass production; Swiss was able to produce watches at much higher volumes.

Built to Last

Another reason why Swiss made watches are so popular is not only for their high-quality standards used while manufacturing these watches. Swiss watches are not just temporary accessories, or a fashion or trend but it can last for generations. Truly a piece that one will be proud wearing.

Luxury Look

With the rich history of artisanship, Swiss made watches also have a great appearance. A lot of effort is put in designing original, fine looking watches that are timeless and innovative at the same time. Aside from being made from high quality materials, Swiss watches also have a luxurious look.

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